Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions
If the applying organization is awarded grant funds from the Central New York Community Foundation for the purposes stated in this application, the following terms and conditions apply.  The funds are to be used solely for the purposes stated in your application.  By accepting the grant you agree:
  • To submit a variance request and obtain the Foundation’s express written approval in writing if your purpose(s) for the grant change considerably from those listed in your proposal.  Call or contact foundation staff immediately if this scenario occurs.
  • To provide the Foundation with report(s) describing the project’s successes, any significant difficulties encountered and how they were overcome.  A fiscal section showing how the funds were expended must be included.
  • To maintain detailed records pertaining to the use of the Foundation’s funds for at least three years, and to respond to any written requests from the Foundation for a detailed post-grant review.  The Foundation reserves the right to examine and audit the expenditure of grant awards in accordance with the grantees initial application.  Additionally, financial and programmatic files should be made available to Foundation staff with sufficient notification.
  • To return any portion of the grant not used in accordance with your proposal or in a manner consistent with our subsequent written approval.
  • To allow the Foundation use of the organization name in general Foundation marketing and/or promotional material.