Apply for a Oswego Foundation Grant

Who Is Eligible To Receive A Grant?

The Oswego County Community Foundation provides grants to tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations so certified by the Internal Revenue Service. Grants must benefit the residents of Oswego County.

The Fund will not make more than one grant within a 12-month period to the same organization.

What Types Of Projects Does The Fund Support?

The Advisory Committee looks for innovative programs that address problems to be solved, or opportunities to be seized, in Oswego County. We invite proposals that:

  • suggest practical approaches to community problems

    • promote cooperation among agencies without duplicating services

    • generate community support, both professional and volunteer

    • strengthen an agency's effectiveness or stability

    • address prevention as well as remediation

What Types Of Projects Are Not Supported?

The Advisory Committee, as a rule, does not make grants for:

  • annual operating budgets

  • endowments

  • sectarian purposes

  • loans or assistance to individuals

  • medical or academic research

Upcoming Application Deadlines: 
July 15, 2017

More Information

For more details, we invite you to download and review the full grant guidelines and application*NOTE: Please save the application form to your computer and open with Adobe to begin working on it. DO NOT fill out the form directly in your browser, doing so will result in loss of content. Questions about the Foundation and its application process may be directed to Jan Lane at (315) 883-5546 or by email at


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